2 Biggest Mistakes in Brand Growth with-in Malawi

In the year 2020 it is not possible to exist and not be a brand. Whether you like it or not you are a brand. The way the world is you are judged and analyzed by the things you post on social media, the things you talk about in public or even the type of clothes you wear to work, crazy enough people have made careers out of it. Timmy Ntilo, Rejoice Namale, Ben Wandawanda, to name a few and many more people have created careers and or business simply by being who they are and by setting a standard.

There is no shortage of information about how to build your brand on the web today, but you must understand that the personal branding process is not something that you decide to do and then are done with.

“Today, building the right online presence takes more than just sharing an article here and an insightful quote there. It takes commitment to consistently create high-value content and build a community of followers who share your vision, values, mission, and goals.” — Ryan Foland

Now! From my observation on people working hard to build a brand especially on social media are making two major mistakes:

Over-promoting — Not every update should be about how you nailed the pitch or won an award. Share content that is beneficial to those who are following you, something that would be of value to them. Share lessons from things that went wrong and how you would have done things differently. How you are feeling throughout the week. And then, every once in a while, share your achievements too.

Under-promoting — So you’re a bit modest. Good for you, because not everyone wants to know what you ate for lunch. But be careful to not hold yourself back thinking you might come across as pompous or worry about privacy. People won’t know you until you tell them. Find a platform and medium that you are comfortable with and start there. In Ditch the Act, we outline some easy ways to start opening up online, and it’s easier than you might think.




Social Media and Branding consultant | 2015 Africas 8th Most influential Youtuber | Face Of Hope — “Get Them Out” | Founder & CEO — @ISociallite

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Alpha Sky Dube

Alpha Sky Dube

Social Media and Branding consultant | 2015 Africas 8th Most influential Youtuber | Face Of Hope — “Get Them Out” | Founder & CEO — @ISociallite

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